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What to do during COVID

Enroll in MASTERCLASS, hours of educational videos on practically everything you can imagine by experts in their field. Watch Anna Wintour, to Annie Liebowitz, Martha Stewart or politicians, authors, chefs and more share their info and experiences with you.

2. Read RAISING EYEBROWS Confessions of a Beverly Hills Makeup Artist by Bobbe Joy

3. Instead of cooking , from time to time, order in from places you have always wanted to try. Here are some of my go to places: suggestions

Slab Barbecue. On 3rd street. Wonderful baby back ribs, smoked chicken and street corn.

Outdoor grill on Washington Blvd - My favorite BBQ. BEST baby back ribs, bbq’d chicken, and brisket. A little drive but worth it. Take out for sure

Fresh Corn Grill on Westwood Blvd - Fresh Corn Grilled Salad, Great menu


Oui Bakery on Melrose - Fresh breads, pastries burgers and salads

Chaumont on South Beverly Drive - French cafe and bakery Best coffee, great menu and ridiculous breads and sweets

Kings Road Cafe on Beverly Blvd - Everything is yummy but their coffee is very special

Milk on Beverly Blvd - If you’re having a sweet attack, this is the place. Ice cream, cookies, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, cakes and more

4. Wear your mask and walk around your neighborhood and observe all the beautiful flowers in bloom right now

5. Watch the Food Network especially ’THE KITCHEN’ for some easy and fun recipes, as well as Giada and the Barefoot Contessa

6. Reach out to friends…by phone, text, email, Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook or Instagram to name a few

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