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“Raising Eyebrows” was such a fun read. I finished it in a day, and enjoyed every minute of it! Bobbe Joy, you’ve had a very exiting life!!!

Patty Goodman 

I  also just received Bobbe's book and can't put it down either.  Is there anything this girl can't do...?! 

Nancy Lichtenstein

A must read--so honest and from the heart

Bonnie Webb

I loved every page!

Eugenia Weston 


I received my (autographed) book yesterday.  Can’t put it down.

James Jahant

What a fun read!

Bonnie Garvin

I feel like I am leaning back in your chair talking, sharing, listening to all our experiences over the years, especially yours. U truly are an inspiration to us all & I am so proud of u. 

Donna Kronson

Love the marvelous photographs of her and her Hollywood pals!

Marie True Evans

A Message from Joe Blasco

Click link below to check out my interview with the #1 radio show in Australia!

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