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Senna Powder Brow Pencil: this is a combination of a brow pencil and powder in one.It glides on with smooth precision to fill in sparse areas, define and shape brows into perfect arches. You can choose from 5 natural colors at 

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Joe Blasco Face Primer: 

Face Primer is a recent creation and addition to the cosmetic world. It is available from most companies. However, most of these primers are a mixture of silicones and lack the ingredients that promote healthy skin by adding a moisture barrier to protect from harsh elements. It assists in the “full preparation” of the skin for all types of cosmetics – all without the application of a heavy gel formula. Joe Blasco Face Primer performs all these tasks and more, but is made with a blend-able semi-liquid formula.


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The Size of Everything:

By Erin Cole and Jenna McCarthy- I highly recommend this book. Here is just one review of many who have also loved it.

"Ive been raving like a maniac about this book ever since I read it. I honestly don't remember reading a memoir this compelling and inspirational since the Glass Castle."

Carla Levy, editor at Large of Good Housekeeping

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Guinevere's Child:

Guinevere's Child is a true story written by my friend Marie True Evans about her grandmother. It begins in the year 1912 in Vallejo, CA. 

"Guinevere's Child is one part historical romance, one part and reads like a charm. It's a lovely slice of life and makes for a wonderful read."

-Kimberly K.B. 

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Lisa Kline is back with her online shopping! click to find our the coolest most interesting gifts, fashions, home and much much more. Love this and love Lisa! She always finds the best of everything. 

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