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Dear Bobbe, what blush colors work for my skin tone?

Dear readers:

Color matching is what us makeup artists do best! Cheeks are an important feature for every woman-prominent cheekbones being a envious accent. Here is a simple guide: for lighter/fair skin tones go

with soft pinks, light corals, and peaches.Our products most similar to that would be 'Hush", "Sunset", and "Adobe. For medium skin tones: rich pinks, warm mauves, and deep peach. Our blushes that fit that category are: "Strawberry Fields", 'Plumeria", and 'Peaches n Creme". For darker skin tones, you need deep fuschias, warm brownes, and tangerine colors. Our cheek products that fit that category are: "Nectarine", "Fawn", and "Sunkissed".

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